For travel agencies

Your agents can now offer their clients a curated portfolio of 4,000+ certified, professionally-managed villas, luxury rentals, city apartments, mountain lodges, private islands and more - without the headaches of sourcing and managing multiple supplier relationships.

Benefits for agency owners

Create new revenue streams

MetaMarketplace offers an economic model designed specifically for the needs of travel agencies. Inquire to find out how vacation rentals — and their related upsell opportunities — will be an excellent source of profit for both you and your agents.

Increase your share of wallet

Stop losing bookings because you don’t have the product your customers seek. Instead, become their trusted source for the fastest-growing type of accommodation in the travel industry.

Simple and seamless integration

Offer vacation rentals under your own brand, with a robust platform that integrates properties seamlessly into your existing website and booking workflows.

Give your clients a great experience every time

Offer a curated portfolio of only high-quality homes managed by top professionals. MetaMarketplace’s certification program ensures clear standards of quality, service and efficiency.

Vacation rentals through travel agencies
Before MetaMarketplace After MetaMarketplace
Property selection


Requires working with properties or networks individually

Difficult to scale

More than 4,000 certified, professionally-managed villas, luxury rentals, apartments and flats, lodges and chalets, private islands and more in over 400 destinations

All available through a single platform

Information on properties

May or may not be available through agency site

Fully integrated into agency site

Always up to date, without any involvement from the agency

Checking availability and booking

Agent handles all aspects

Agent submits request to MetaMarketplace, whose staff handles all communications

Confirmation delivered within 24 hours

Property policies

Agent handles faxing or couriering back and forth

Policies clearly listed and agreements handled through digital signatures, eliminating faxing and couriering


Agent handles all aspects

MetaMarketplace handles all payments to suppliers; agency handles all payments from travelers


Arrangements vary by property

MetaMarketplace calculates and distributes commissions using a standard formula for all properties

Resolving problems

Agent works with property and with traveler

MetaMarketplace has a dedicated team to support agents and ensure satisfaction for travelers

Agent handles all communication with travelers

More than 4,000 properties in over 400 destinations

Integrated seamlessly into your website and growing every day. We target new supply in response to demand from your customers.

Certified for quality and professionalism

Expand your offering with confidence, thanks to the MetaMarketplace certification program. Each property in our portfolio is managed by professionals and meets strict standards for quality and guest service.

If you own or manage a large regional or national travel agency, contact us to discuss using MetaMarketplace to increase your agency's financial performance.