For fractionals & destination clubs

Supplement your offering with a curated portfolio of certified, professionally-managed villas, luxury rentals, city apartments, mountain lodges, private islands and more.

Benefits to your business

  • Sell more memberships and upgrades
  • Capture more of your member's annual travel spend
  • Improve member satisfaction
  • Increase member retention

All without increasing capital spending

More than 4,000 properties in over 400 destinations

Integrated seamlessly into your website and growing every day. We target new supply in response to demand from your customers.

Certified for quality and professionalism

Supplement your offering with confidence, thanks to the MetaMarketplace certification program. Each property in our portfolio is managed by professionals and meets strict standards for quality and guest service.

Case study

How one of the world's top 10 timeshares grew its business with MetaMarketplace


Differentiation. Offer access to luxurious properties unparalleled in the industry.

Improve customer retention. More properties provide more options, which translates into higher engagement and satisfaction.

Attract new members. Increase sales by offering even more value for the cost of membership.

Convert members to higher tiers. Provide an irresistible reason for members to upgrade to the next level.


The company used MetaMarketplace to assemble a collection of more than 1,000 curated luxury vacation rentals and presented them as exclusive options for their highest-tier members.

The platform automatically maps their existing points system to rental rates, making a seamless experience for members to book these new selections.


Within the first three months, this established timeshare provider closed its largest sale ever, due to the new luxury collection.

They’ve since experienced rapid growth in the highest membership tier and record-setting numbers across the board.

  • Overall revenue up 39%
  • Number of transactions up 12%
  • Average transaction value up 34%
  • Growth rates up 10x for year 1

Contact us to discuss improving your financial returns without additional capital to acquire new properties or spending on member acquisition programs.